Rapid-Response Monitoring Services

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Our professional service team will help you install and maintain your system.

Visual Verification

Visually verified alerts are given highest priority by our 5-star monitoring station.

High-Tech Monitoring

Our 5-Star monitoring stations receive your home alerts and can immediately verify the intrusion.

Installation and Maintenance

Our professional installation techs have decades of experience in home security and home automation. Engage them to help you work with your system.

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Security Services

Crime in Progress Visual Verification

Fast emergency response is our top service priority, and security systems were invented for the purpose of alerting and dispatching responders to emergency situations. With our Crime in Progress Visual Alarm Verification service we are able to increase response times and arrests dramatically, so much so that apprehension rates are over 200 times higher than non verified alarms. Traditional systems have a false alarm rate of 98% resulting in municipalities handling those events with a low priority and typically slower response time whereas Visual Alarm Verification reduces false alarms, helping local authorities prioritize companies that enhance their services to reduce unnecessary trips.

Visual Verification Explained

Traditional alarm systems are blind, reporting basic data like a sensor being triggered but without additional information such as who or what caused the sensor to trigger. Many municipalities will not respond without verification or will only dispatch at a lower priority resulting in decreased response time. Professional Visual Alarm Verification enhances monitoring by giving dispatchers the ability to view video or images which raises the incident level to a high priority with local responders.

Traditional Monitoring

Though we encourage visual verification, having a traditional alarm system can deter criminals, meaning you are 3 x less likely to have a break-in.   By installing different types of sensors throughout your location, your system can detect an intruder and sound an alarm, while in the same process you’ll receive a call from our dispatchers that local authorities are being reached for dispatch.

Interactive Services

Using the mobile app you’re able to remotely interact with your alarm system, giving you the ability to arm and disarm your system from anywhere your phone has a data connection. Features include receiving status notifications, viewing cameras, talking to someone at your front door, and controlling door locks, garage doors, and lights and thermostats.


With HD cameras it’s easy to see what's going on at your place. Our High Definition cameras give you access to view what’s currently happening at your place while also being able to review and save recordings at a later time. Depending on the application, options include the ability to store video locally on a DVR or in the cloud.


Technology continues to evolve and alarm systems are now designed to do more than signal for help, they’re robust automation systems able to lock doors, turn on lights, control thermostats and much more. Consider incorporating alarm system automated lights to scare off intruders during an alarm!

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Authorities give the highest response priority to verified emergencies.

Advantage Alarms specializes in video verification so our monitoring stations can verify criminal activity and provide the fastest dispatch and response times from local responders.

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