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With 25 years experience, Advantage Alarms values protecting and servicing it's customers. We are a local full service home security monitoring company focused on lowering prices and providing quick, reliable monitoring, service, and support.

Your Security Is Our Top Priority

Most subscribers feel their alarm system provides them the security they need, but are often paying too much. The difficult economic times have not made things easier for anyone, which is where we come in, helping out by lowering your monthly monitoring while providing the same fast reliable monitoring, service, and technical support. In addition to saving you money with lower monthly monitoring fees, we can also save you money with our "life time service guarantee". If or when your system needs repairs or upgrades our low $35 trip fee and no hourly charge for residential service could save you hundreds when compared to the competition.

Plus if the situation arises where you need to add additional sensors or equipment, we will provide them at the best possible price! So if you compare that to our competition's $50-$85 trip charge and additional hourly fees, you'll see how your savings can add up. We believe in providing these savings to our customers because we value their protection and want to keep you as a happy customer for many years to come.

We Rival the Competition

If you are curious and wonder whether or not the competition's higher costs add up to better or more reliable service, then know this: Our monitoring stations are "5 diamond" rated which is an industry high, with a fully trained SIA certified operators on staff 24 hours. This means our monitoring center and it's employees have the highest certification for emergency response, and in the event of a natural or man made disaster our customers will always be monitored because our multiple and redundant monitoring stations in two different states. One of which is a brand new state of the are UL certified facility that went on-line April of 2012. Chances are, our monitoring services are equal if not many times better than what you maybe currently receiving.

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Now that your ready for the best service and savings, switching over is simple! Because we'll be monitoring your currently working alarm, there are no credit checks, activation costs or any other hidden fees. And because it's most likely one of the commonly available systems we can programme, it typically takes only a few minutes to reprogram and test, even if your system is not currently functioning don't hesitate to call us, in many cases we can get your alarm back up and running at little or no cost. Click here to check your systems compatibility.

*System must be in working order, compatible, and programmable with a provided lock-out code


Authorities give the highest response priority to verified emergencies.

Advantage Alarms specializes in video verification so our monitoring stations can verify criminal activity and provide the fastest dispatch and response times from local responders.

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